Welcome to:Dong Guan City Jc Industrial Co.,Ltd.

What We do?

We could be your qualified supplier of precision hardware components such as pins,shafts, Bronze screws&bolts and any shaped parts in fields of Electronic, Automotive, households, Toys, Decoration, ect.


What's advantages of our service?

We are middle sized plant, and that makes us high effective working which assure customers timely response and delivery time. Meanwhile, we have good quality to customers,which makes us keep growing. And, not-too-big-company allow us to provide the best price to customers always.


Then you could check below about our service details:

1.Quality assurance
We have competent engineers and technicians involved in the design for "Best Practices"and established professional inspection labs. All the products are put through rigid testing.

2.Cost control
1. We provide the "Design for Manufacturability" solution in pursuit of the most economical program for each project so that the product's cost are reduced. 

2.We have established an agile purchasing force to search the least expensive materials on the basis that all the materials are up to standard.

3.in-time service
With perfect logistics system,to rigidly meet customers' deadline is always one of our advantages.



5.Service Range
 Precision machining parts such as turning and milling hardware part and CNC machining part,ect, plastic products, Stamping products ,ect.

6£®After-sales Service
We strive for customer satisfaction. Following up on every product we sell is one of our important services.